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Traditional Pork Sausages - Christmas


Traditional pork sausages expertly crafted by our butcher Edge & Son. Excellent for making jumbo pigs in blanket, or sausage and stuffing sandwiches on boxing day.

Cut: Sausages
Matured: n/a
Shelf Life: 5 - 7 days
Serves: 4 people


MIN WEIGHT: 400g (14oz)


  • Min 8 sausages   = 1 x400g


All christmas orders will be delivered in the week before christmas. We will telephone you to arrange a delivery day and time to suit. 



Keep in fridge and use by the date on the label. Freeze if you do not plan to use within 2 days. Once frozen defrost thoroughly and eat within 24 hours. Do not refreeze once thawed.

A special kind of pig farming...

Our pork comes from pedigree British Saddleback pigs who have been used to help conserve and restore woodlands throughout the North West.

Since 2012, Conservation Pigs Ltd. has been providing traditional woodland management services using pigs in woodlands and landscapes throughout the North West. The pigs roam woodlands clearing the land, creating natural seedbeds and most importantly have loads of fun from birth. 

Our pigs live a natural life free of antibiotics and growth hormones. They are treated using herbal remedies wherever possible and have a balanced diet consisting of over 20 different ingredients that naturally occur in the woodland. The pigs are not organic (but are reared to standards far exceeding the 'organic' model), as we would have to use an organic registered abattoir which would require the pigs to travel further making it stressful for the pigs and not sustainable. 

If you want to see the pigs foraging for yourself, check out www.conservationpigs.co.uk to find out where they are currently working.

Cook & Foragers butchery

We chose pedigree British Saddlebacks, which we believe give better flavour. We carefully hang and butcher the meat ourselves, then mature it for extra flavour and tenderness. We work with an award winning family butchers 'Edge & Son' to keep us on our toes with new ideas, recipes and most importantly their family curing recipe, which we just cannot beat!

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