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Free-Range Traditional Wirral Turkey


The Ultimate Free-Range Festive Turkey

All our turkeys are sourced from the award winning Edge & SonWirral. They are naturally home reared in Willaston, Cheshire. Grown slowly to full maturity and prime condition, hung for 2 weeks for a fuller flavour which produces the ultimate Christmas turkey.

They forage in natural vegetation and grass and eat a diet containing at least 70% cereal with no animal protein or other growth promoters.

Our turkeys are prepared on the farm to reduce stress using the highest recommended welfare codes, before being dressed by Cook & Foragers.

We have a limited number of these birds available. Reserve yours today for a £20.00 deposit, with balance due on collection/Delivery.

All birds are dressed ready for the oven and come complete with turkey tray & sausage meat for stuffing.

 £10.00 per kg / £4.53 per lb
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    Visit www.traditionalwirralturkeys.co.uk for more information.



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